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The Joint Commission is the primary hospital accreditation organization in the United States; Joint Commission accreditation is a condition of licensure for hospitals in most states, and provides patients and doctors confidence in the quality of care offered in those facilities.

The international arm of The Joint Commission, Joint Commission International (JCI), offers the same level of accreditation to international hospitals. On their website, JCI lists nine hospitals in Mexico which they have accredited. At least that many more are currently in the JCI accreditation process, or in preparation for it.  And, as the JCI brand continues to gain global recognition as an important marketing tool in the highly competitive “medical tourism” industry, the list of surgical hospitals in Mexico applying for and achieving JCI accreditation will continue to expand.  In addition, in Mexico, all hospitals with a national certification awarded by the Healthcare Certification Commission of the General Health Council since January of 2009 are operating with procedures and audit methodologies standardized to JCI levels.

Hospitals in MexicoThere are many hospitals in Mexico, owned by large hospital corporations, which are comparable to hospitals found in big cities around the world, with large, contemporary facilities; some have even added adjoining hotel, shopping, banking, and/or restaurant facilities to accommodate patients and their families.  There are also many independent, certified, boutique surgical hospitals throughout Mexico where patients and their families receive very personal attention as well as high quality medical care.  These smaller facilities can represent the greatest value in surgical care in Mexico.

Each surgeon in the ISA Surgical network maintains privileges in multiple accredited hospitals.  Each of these hospitals has earned the respect of that surgeon regarding level and specialization of care, including availability of the most innovative surgical and ICU equipment.  Differences between these hospitals exist with respect to location, size, cost of stay, and degree of extra amenities available to patients.

With ISA Surgical, when prospective patients request a quote for surgical solutions, they will receive the C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) of the surgeon(s) whose area of practice covers the required procedure, as well as information about every hospital where they operate, including links to the hospitals’ websites.  ISA Surgical staff members are always available to discuss details related to these hospitals, particularly with respect to each patient’s concerns, personal preferences, and/or special needs.

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