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Surgeons in MexicoSurgeons are admitted to the ISA Surgical network of surgeons through a peer review protocol developed and overseen by ISA Surgical’s Evaluation, Oversight and Review Committee, which meets regularly to professionally evaluate and recommend action regarding every aspect of the ISA Surgical network of surgeons.

A primary function of the Evaluation, Oversight and Review Committee is to identify surgeons in Mexico whose areas of practice meet the expanding needs of our clients, and who also meet our stringent professional qualifications. The committee considers the following with respect to each surgeon candidate.

  • How many years have they been in practice?
  • Are they performing 100’s of procedures per year, including the most recent year?
  • Have they performed 1000’s of procedures during the course of their career?
  • Do they teach advanced techniques within their scope of practice at internationally respected universities?
  • Are they frequently invited to lecture at national and international events hosted by academic institutions?
  • How frequently are they published in national and international peer reviewed medical journals?
  • Are they highly regarded in their own community, and particularly in their local and national medical community?
  • Are they internationally recognized as one of the best in their area of surgical practice?
  • Are they a founder, director, officer and/or member of the most important national and international societies and organizations that represent their area of surgical practice?
  • What are their surgical outcome statistics?
  • Are they of good character?
  • Are they fluent in English?

Dr. Octavio VictalBeginning with a personal doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Octavio Victal, management of ISA Surgical continues to develop relationships with each and every surgeon in the ISA Surgical network, meeting with them frequently.

Through this long-term, ethics-driven, relationship-dependent process we strive to ensure that surgical patients who trust ISA Surgical as their provider of turn-key surgical solutions will receive world-class surgical care by the most qualified and experienced surgeons in Mexico.

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