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MexicoMexico has long been the number one international destination for Americans and Canadians seeking medical care outside their own country, and for good reason.

With the strongest economy in Latin America (in terms of per capita GDP) and the tenth largest economy in the world, more free trade agreements than any other country, and a rapidly growing middle class, Mexico boasts remarkable political, social, and economic stability. This stability undergirds a long-established, world-class medical infrastructure as well as robust travel and hospitality industries.  Additionally, as part of the North American Continent, Mexico offers her American and Canadian neighbors short travel distances, familiar culture, beautiful settings, and economic value.

These characteristics have made Mexico not only a top pick for international retirees and a popular tourist destination, but also a distinctive alternative for those who are seeking both economic value and high quality in surgical care.

Surgery in Mexico

And, although quality and price are the key components of surgical care that initially attract international patients, typically the less tangible aspects of medical care in Mexico are what leave patients with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.  International patients regularly encounter kindness and professionalism throughout their experience, without facing harried staff, crowds, or long waiting periods. Physicians are unhurried, easy to talk to (in English or Spanish), and accessible to patients and families, in most cases even providing their cell phone numbers on their business cards, which they expect for their patients to use.  In the end, the most common response of patients after receiving surgical care in Mexico is amazement that their pleasant experience came with such a small price tag.

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